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    Venus | Terrazzo Inspired Patterns

    Venus | Terrazzo Inspired Patterns


    From afar the Venus digital paper pack resembles the smooth composite surface of a Terrazzo floor. Upon closer inspection, the pattern turns into shapely climbing figures – the Venus.

    Inspired by the Roman goddess, an army of tiny plump women marches on undeterred by the sheer scale of their journey. The Venus, venerated mythological icon of love, sex and fertility, recalls a classical aesthetic, enticing the viewer upstairs with her feminine beauty.

    Each image is sized 12×12 inches and 300 dpi and can be patterned.

    Created by Mathery Studio, read their biography here.

    Once you have made your purchase, your design files will be send to you via email.



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    Once you have made your purchase, your art files will be sent to you via email.

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