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    Fleck | Colorful Vector Flecked Paper Patterns
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    Fleck | Colorful Vector Flecked Paper Patterns


    Fleck is a collection of seamless flecked textures. Care was taken to finely design these textures so they are naturalistic and pleasing to the eye. The flecked textures come in black, white, color, multicolored and metallic versions. The color palettes include subtle, neutral, pastel and vivid hues. The metallic design options are gold, silver and rose gold.

    Use these textures for packaging, fabric printing, gift wrap, wallpaper, notebook and book covers, social media banners, blog headers, Instagram posts, flyers, posters, invitations, stationery, collage, photo layering and masking, within typographic designs etc.

    The collection contains over 40 textures. The file types include high-resolution PNG and JPGs plus vector EPS and PDF versions. The PNG versions have transparent backgrounds to make it easy to layer them and come up with new flecked designs. The textures are sized as letter-size (8.5×11) and also as large poster sized seamless versions (16×24 and up).

    Your art files will be sent via email shortly after purchase.



    Once you have made your purchase, your art files will be sent to you via email.
    Custom designs are available by request just email for more information or send a message at the website.