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    • Moire Zen Wave Over Fine Art Print
      Moire Zen Wave Over Fine Art Print


      Premium quality matte art print from the Moiré Zen collection. These prints are printed on museum-quality fine art paper with deluxe pigment inks. The color is bold and the print is fade resistant up to 200 years. Choose from a matte archival or recycled and compostable fine art paper. Matte Fine Art Paper: 230 gsm fine art paper with a smooth matte finish and no surface glare. 100% cotton acid-free and archival paper. Prints are resistant to UV and humidity. Recycled and Compostable Fine Art Paper: Premium grade 206 gsm paper with a smooth and natural finish. A groundbreaking ecological full cycle paper made from plant fibers that is also compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. High-quality cellulose from European-grown cannabis is visible in the paper's subdued color and hemp is palpable in the paper’s slightly coarse texture. 100% recycled and FSC® certified.