New Visual Things is a curated design and art shop that showcases and sells works created by current artists.

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    Standard License

    A standard license is for products that are used in personal and contract work that is not for sale. So, for instance, you can use the art packs patterns and textures for your own projects and client projects and the designs can be used in this way an unlimited amount of time.

    If you are using the designs in an End Product for Sale then an Extended License is what you would need.

    The Standard License is a single use license, so you can use a design for one project only. An exception are bundled items, you may use each item in the bundle for a separate project. If you’d like to use an item for multiple projects then you can simply repurchase it at the website for the next project or contact us for a custom order.

    Extended License

    The Extended License allows you to use the designs as you would with a Standard License and also in the creation of End Products for Sale. An End Product for Sale can be sold an unlimited amount of times.

    As with the Standard License you can only use each item in one project. For each new project where an item is for sale a new Extended License would be purchased.

    With an Extended License you can’t sell the item as is or in a way that directly competes with the existing item for sale. So, you can’t sell the art packs as art packs, for instance.

    Partial Exclusive License

    We also offer a license for anyone who wants more exclusive ownership of a design asset. If you are a boutique or startup, for instance, and you’d like one of the art pack designs to be adopted as part of your own business design and branding, we offer a partial exclusive license for you.

    A partial exclusive license means we would convert all ownership of the asset to you and would also wipe the art pack designs from our website, marketing and promotions and anywhere.

    Essentially, all ownership of the design asset is transferred to you and it can be used on unlimited pieces and in perpetuity.

    The license is exclusive and yet partial only due to the fact that the asset may have been purchased by other customers before it was sold under a partial exclusive license.

    Custom Exclusive

    For anyone who wants custom design and total exclusivity we offer this license. We can either create a completely custom piece for you or start from an existing art pack to create your work.

    If you have any questions we are here to help at

    Variable licensing is available for art packs at New Visual Things and does not apply to art prints, photography, paintings, or sculpture.